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Treating hammertoes in El Segundo

Foot pain can ruin your life making hard to walk and get around. Dr. Mark Costopoulos, DPM has been helping people with bunions, Achilles tendon problems, corns, hammertoes and many other foot problems. Our doctors will diagnose your problem and then recommend treatment options to solve the particular condition and alleviate the pain. Our practice specializes in cosmetic foot care and reconstructive surgery as well as El Segundo hammertoe treatment in our state-of-the-art office facility.

Hammertoes are caused when the middle joint of a toe bends making the toe curl over another toe in a shape reminiscent of hammer of the piano about to strike one of the strings. Hammertoes are most likely to affect the second toe but can happen to any of the toes that contain three bones (second through fifth toes). The condition is caused by structural changes that progress over time in the muscles and tendons that bend the toe. Many sufferers have family histories of hammertoes and people with diabetes and other illnesses have more of a chance of developing hammertoes. Wearing tightly fitting shoes or too high heels can also cause hammertoes to develop. Symptoms of hammertoes include pain and irritation when walking especially when wearing shoes. Corns, calluses and bunions may also develop around the hammertoe compounding the painful condition and necessitating an El Segundo hammertoe treatment.

If our doctor diagnoses hammertoes there are several El Segundo hammertoe treatment options depending on the severity of the condition. The first course of treatment involves several non-surgical options to relieve the irritation and pain including wearing properly fitting, looser shoes or cushioning pads and insoles. Our doctor can also make custom orthotics to take the pressure off the toe. Sometimes splints and straps are used to correct the toe position, and our doctor can show you exercises to help the pain. Our practice will also suggest removing any accompanying corns or calluses to increase your comfort. If the hammertoe has progressed to the point that other treatment options are not effective our doctor can perform surgery to either remove a small portion of the bone to allow the toe to get back into position or the bone may be fused to also straighten it. Other surgical procedures can also be used. If you are living with foot pain from a hammertoe or any other condition please call our office – we can help.

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