Foot therapy in Manhattan Beach

Foot Therapy in Manhattan Beach

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Many of the same ailments and conditions of the foot that adults deal with are also applicable to children. And because kids tend to be more active, and sometimes more reckless, the potential for consequences may be greater. Add to that the complication created by their growing feet and there is definite need for our foot therapy in Manhattan Beach. Here at the podiatry practice of Mark Costopoulos, DPM, we are dedicated to providing attentive, expert care for kids.

Your child may not think to tell you that something is wrong with his or her feet, or might not even realize it. That’s why you should be on the lookout for any of the following signs: check your child’s shoes regularly and note any changes to how they’re wearing, and check for any discoloration of the skin or nails. If her or his coordination has been suffering lately, this can also be an indication that our foot therapy in Manhattan Beach is required. Flat feet may exist, which is when your child has insufficient or nonexistent arches. Though some kids do outgrow flat feet, it may be worth evaluating the situation to head off possible difficulties. Ingrown toenails develop due to unexpected growth spurts that lead to his or her footwear becoming too tight around the toes. The nail grows into instead of over the skin. Also, your child’s heels are prone due to the pressure that comes from running and jumping. Again, turn to our foot therapy in Manhattan Beach for sensible, safe, effective solutions. Another issue that she or he may experience are the growth of plantar warts, skin lesions on the sole due to a virus. Look for tiny black spots within the lesion to identify them.

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