Foot wound care in Manhattan Beach

Foot Wound Care in Manhattan Beach

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Wound care in Manhattan Beach

Your reasons for seeking out our foot wound care in Manhattan Beach may be due to the severity of your injury, the lack of quickness with which it is healing, or because you have an underlying condition which makes any wound more of a potential hazard. Whatever the motivation behind it, you will find that our podiatrist, Mark Costopoulos, DPM, has the expertise and the experience to handle the matter to your complete satisfaction and to ease your mind about the problem, with the results you need to feel confident that your foot health has been taken care of sufficiently.

Even when you foot is completely covered by a shoe or boot, there is no way to fully protect it and to ensure with 100% certainty that you will not suffer a wound. You might kick something hard, either accidentally or on purpose. A heavy object might fall on your foot. Or you can step on a sharp piece of glass or metal that penetrates your footwear. Needless to say, your susceptibility is even greater when you are wearing open-toed shoes, in socks only, or barefoot. Our foot wound care in Manhattan Beach is not necessary in all such circumstances. In many instances, you may simply be able to clean the wound, disinfect it, and then but a bandage on it to protect it from infection. The majority of such injuries will heal on their own. Particularly large wounds, though, may need stitches. And if there is some concern about contamination, like having a foreign object stick into your foot, or you have diabetes, numbness in your toes, or vascular or nerve problems, then that is all the more reason to take advantage of our foot wound care in Manhattan Beach.

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