Manhattan Beach corrective foot surgery

Manhattan Beach Corrective Foot Surgery

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Are you experiencing some type of foot pain? There is no reason why you have to suffer with this problem. Many patients come to our podiatry practice for foot care which sometimes includes corrective foot surgery. If you would like to come in to be seen by our top-notch podiatrist, to see if you need Manhattan Beach corrective foot surgery to solve your foot pain problem, make an appointment to see us at our practice, Mark Costopoulos, DPM.

At our foot care practice our expert and highly trained podiatrist is Dr. Mark Costopoulos. He has been providing exemplary foot care for patients for over 30 years. At our practice we are happy to be able to provide both corrective foot surgery and other non-invasive treatments for our patients. Our practice has been in the Manhattan Beach area since 1981. Patients enjoy coming to our practice because they know that Dr. Costopoulos will always take the time to fully diagnose your specific foot problem, and counsel them on the best way to improve their foot situation. If you need Manhattan Beach corrective foot surgery you can rest assured that you will not be able to find a podiatrist who is more skilled in providing this type of foot care treatment.

At our practice, our podiatrist will be able to provide you with whatever type of treatment you need in order to solve your individual foot problem. Among the many conditions that we see and treat on a regular basis are: ingrown toenails; heel pain; sports medicine problems; pediatric foot care problems; wound care; foot and ankle sprains and fractures; bunion treatments; hammertoe treatments; diabetic foot care issues; geriatric foot care issues; fungal nail infections; athletes foot fungus; foot warts; and many other foot care problems. When you come to us with a problem, such as a painful bunion, our dermatologist will be able to let you know what treatment options are available, and which will work best for you given your specific situation. Treatment can be as simple as injection of a pain reliever into your toe or as involved as bunion surgery. If you would like to come to our podiatry practice and see what type of treatment will help resolve your foot problem, make an appointment to see our doctor, Dr. Costopoulos. Our podiatrist will thoroughly examine your own personal foot situation and let you know if Manhattan Beach corrective foot surgery is a good solution to your problem, or if a nonsurgical treatment will work best.

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